Ask Wednesdays – To Schedule or Not?

Do you schedule your social media?

Do you schedule your social media? This has been a controversy for as long as being able to schedule it has been around. Some people schedule EVERYTHING. While I say scheduling a good thing…it can be a double edged sword if you do it wrong. Here are my list of things it is ok to [...]

Five Ways to Engage Your Twitter Followers


One of the fabulous things about Twitter is that it’s quick social media that gets huge results.[Click to Tweet] Everyone is on Twitter, especially businesses. Not to mention businesses, but even the press is on Twitter. You never know when what you say on Twitter will be seen by someone important enough that when they [...]

Twitter and Business Outreach


Businesses and sole proprietors use Twitter for social media marketing. Two trends help business users to understand the differences between Twitter and other social media networks. Bill Heil and Mikolaj Piskorski published a short study on the Harvard Business Review blog in 2009. They found most Twitter users make only 1 tweet on their account. [...]